“Jason Thompson came in and essentially helped us plan our business for the next five years. They’re giving us the professional advice we need to go to the next level.”

– Anne Campbell, Co-Owner
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Family Owned Business

Family Owned Businesses can encompass a vast spectrum of industries. When a company is owned partially or fully by a family of entrepreneurs, many times multi-generational, it can face some particular challenges that transcend industry.

Family Owned Businesses make up a significant portion of the client base for Sponsel CPA Group, so we’re comfortable working in and around the unique challenges they face. Our professional team understands the important balance that must be maintained between business decisions, internal family dynamics and the sometimes competing objectives of both.

Our goal in serving family owned businesses is to be a trusted advisor providing helpful insights to family members who each have different roles to play in the business. The diversity of our staff’s experience allows us to match up well with multi-generation family members who have varying levels of experience and involvement in the family business, helping with areas that include management development and succession planning.