“You can ask them questions and know you'll get a professional answer, but at the same time they understand the needs of a family business.”

– Dr. James G. Spahn,
Founder, WoundVision

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Professional Service Firms

At Sponsel CPA Group, we are relentlessly focused on delivering the highest quality of counsel, and go to lengths in forming business relationships with our clients to further that goal. As a result, we have a natural understanding of how professional service organizations operate including law firms, engineering firms and other professional service firms.

Our experienced professionals are adept at helping these organizations navigate through issues like partnership agreements, compensation issues, buy-sell agreements and the cash flow challenges of running a cyclical business. Most of all, we understand the need to account for the professional’s time and knowledge as the organization’s most valuable asset.

Sponsel CPA Group is here to help, rolling up our sleeves to tackle administrative accounting tasks so you can focus on delivering professional services and keeping your firm running smoothly.